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Ritual of Esoterica

Dream Journal Sticky Notepad

Dream Journal Sticky Notepad

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4” x 6”, 50 pages.

The original Dream Journal Sticky Notepad, to complement your existing journaling practice.  A great tool for beginners and experienced dream journaling practitioners alike who want a simple, straight-forward method of documenting their practice.  With prompts to guide you through capturing the key elements of your dreams and a reference card with common dream meanings.  

Through the sacred art of dream journaling, you can unravel the threads of your subconscious musings.  The dream journal serves as a guide to unlocking the mysteries of life; the visions of the night can offer solutions to the struggles of the day, providing clarity and creative solutions to the challenges of existence.  Dreams have kindled the flames of creativity in the hearts of artists, writers, musicians and even scientists throughout the ages.  They offer a boundless well of inspiration, where the impossible becomes possible, and the unimaginable is unveiled.

The Dream Journal Notepad is a guided journaling tool to help you capture details and connect with the world around you, including the date and day of the week, the zodiac season, moon phase and astrological placements.


At Ritual of Esoterica, we create straight-forward solutions to simplify magical practices so they can easily be included in your daily rituals.  We believe in a single-journal system; that only when you capture the details of your life in one place, can you begin to see and interpret the patterns.  The sticky note system gives you the flexibility to document what you want, and include it in your existing daily journal by simply affixing the note into the journal at the appropriate place.

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